HELL YEAH I like free shit.


Okay so I thought it was a scam at first because I was like

there’s no fucking way you can just get shit for free without there being some kind of money scam behind it
but I researched it then checked it out and it’s totally legit!

Here’s what’s up:
You get bidding points, and you can earn bidding points by taking surveys or watching videos or whatever, then you bid on what you want, let’s say a book or a pokémon card…..
If you win the bid…the person sends you their shit!
You only lose your bidding points if you WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you filter it to the FREE SHIPPING ONLY, then your shit is totally FREE!!!!

I’ve gotten SO MUCH STUFF (a lot of comic books, jewelry and pokemon cards) and I’ve never paid a cent!

Check it out! 
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